Chase Dreams, Not People.

A safe space to connect with your authentic self. A safe space to be heard.

About Me

Lead Coach William Joseph is a multi certified life coach, with an emphasis on identifying toxicity in your relationships.

Whether you are hoping to repair an existing relationship, or you’re wanting to create a new one, these programs may give you direction on letting go of what no longer serves you and embracing that which will.

Why You Should Join Me

While we are all busy seeking solutions, we need to be sure we are asking the right questions...

Stop replaying the past in your mind. It's gone.

Use your mental energy to create something new. Don't waste your precious life being stuck on what didn't work out or what you could°ve done. Do something new today. Each moment is another chance to recreate yourself.

A Big Thanks

Thank you all for the support and trust you have had in me. Nothing worth having in life is going to be easy to accomplish. Your presence truly holds value.